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Suggestions for you and your furry friend

If you will ever stay in our hospital for appointment or your furry friend needs to stay with us for longer time we have some suggestions for you.

Walking path near Bolnica za Živali

Right behind our Animal hospital there is a small path that leads to a big green field where your dog can catch a good fresh breath and can run as much as he needs. For not longer than 2 kilometres long flat path appropriate also for older dogs you will need less than an hour. Ask also our friendly receptionist for directions.

Coffee shop Siesta

Coffee shop Siesta is pretty much visited by locals but last year also by tourists. It is known for very good and delicious cakes and tasty coffee. There is also one local cake »Jakobova cake« and there is a story behind it. It is a story about the shepherd Jakob who was taking care of sheep in the meantime picking his favourite fruits – raspberries and pears and smashing nuts. They used those ingredients for this special local cake. You can find Coffee shop Siesta on address Novi Trg 8, and it is only 20 minutes by walk or 4 minutes by car distanced from our Hospital.