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Story of Arnold

Arnold is a 6 year old extra sympathetic French bulldog living in Poland with his loving owners. At the end of September 2019 Arnold lost his eyesight and three days later he was diagnosed with a brain tumor by Dr. Kurosz of veterinary clinic in Gorzow.
Dr. Kurosz suggested to visit Animal Hospital Postojna in Slovenia to plan and perform radiotherapy for Arnold.

Visit and accommodation was organised in our hospital in Postojna for Arnold and his family as well Arnold's furry sister Luna so they can start their 4 week long visit in Postojna. We helped them to feel like at home.

Planning CT with special device for repeating precise positioning was used and plan was performed by our radiation therapy consultant Dr. Jerome Benoit, Dipl ACVR (Radiation Oncology) from France. Arnold quickly became friends with everybody and he tolerated radiotherapy very well.

When last day came we said goodbye to Arnold and his great owners and we receieved a unique gift from them, a picture of dr. Butinar with Arnond how they together fight the cancer. We were laughing and crying because we had to say goodbye. I hope they remember us like we remember them forever.