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When your animal is diagnosed with cancer, Animal Hospital Postojna can provide comprehensive assistance – from diagnostic procedures to multimodal treatment approach and care.

What is oncology ?

Oncology is a clinical specialty dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The importance of oncology has been increasing with an increasing incidence of cancer in pets. The rapid development of veterinary medicine and improved care available to our pets are adding to the longer life spans of animals, and, unfortunately, also to more cancer diagnoses, as it is often a disease of aging animals.

Animal Hospital Postojna was founded as an oncology centre, and this clinical specialty has remained one of our most important specialties. Contemporary approaches to the treatment of cancer are complex, with most of the neoplastic diseases requiring combinations of several treatment modalities (e.g., surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and targeted cancer therapy) for the best possible outcomes. Such a multimodal treatment approach to neoplastic diseases is what we provide at Animal Hospital Postojna with our team of veterinarians working with modern diagnostic and treatment equipment. During evaluation and treatment of the disease, most of our oncology patients will receive a CT scan to fully evaluate the extent of the disease and any regional or systemic spread. Based on the findings, we will recommend the optimal treatment plan for your animal. If radiotherapy is indicated, we can provide it in-house as one of the very few hospitals in the region having a linear accelerator.