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Looking for a place to stay close to your animal during the treatment?

At Animal Hospital Postojna we can also provide accommodation for you.

On the first floor of the Hospital we have an apartment (30 m2) with access to a nice terrace, and another, smaller (20 m2), is located in the basement of the Hospital. The price of a larger apartment is 35 EUR per day, and the price of a smaller apartment is 25 EUR per day.

On the first floor there are also 3 student rooms with shared toilets and a kitchen. The price of the double room is 12 EUR per day, and the price for the single room is 8 EUR per day.

In all rooms, of course, you can have your animal with you, if only its' health permits. All apartments are equipped with their own kitchen, bathroom, TV and free WI-FI. All accommodations also have parking spaces in front of the Hospital.

For the most comfortable stay with us, if you wish so, we have a bigger (63 m2) completely newly furnished apartment in the apartment building in the immediate vicinity of the Hospital. The rental price is 40 EUR per day.

Rental prices do not include 22% VAT.

All accommodations are also available to our fellow veterinarians and students, who join us for additional education.

We are also happy to help you find other accommodation in or around Postojna, or recommend a place to visit for a short trip or a delicious lunch.