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About Animal Hospital Postojna

At the very beginning, there was a wish – the wish of a single person to provide more to animals and their owners. The wish developed into a vision, which was realised with great efforts and sacrifice, as Animal Hospital Postojna.

A word from a visionary

Hello, My name is Professor Janoš Butinar, and I am a veterinarian who made his choice for this profession at the age of five years. I have tried to do my best to become as good an animal doctor as possible throughout my life. At the age of 50 years, I decided to set up my own animal hospital, in Postojna, Slovenia. My goal was simple – to gather people with similar ideas, well educated, devoted to this inspiring profession, to work efficiently and openly for new achievements and the best ideas in veterinary medicine.

The doors of Animal Hospital Postojna are open to the best professionals who would like to work with us, regardless of nationality. The vast majority of our income is invested in continuing personal development, internship and residency training, and new equipment. We believe in sharing knowledge and continuously organise lectures, practical courses and other educational events, where we meet with colleagues and help each other solve demanding problems. Most importantly – I have committed myself to help animals with cancer and their owners by all possible means, compassionately and unselfishly. Many patients' owners themselves or their relatives and friends have experience with cancer and its devastating psychological effects – we strive to give them hope and optimism, supported by our professional knowledge. We try to do our best to make the companionship with their beloved pets longer and of good quality. And when the time comes to say goodbye, we stand by them during the painful farewell – just as if all these animals were of our own.




We waited for her with Eva as a first-born and then watched and watched the photo of a one-day only-born in the Netherlands with the Hendricx family. We went there to get her and it was love at the first sight - the 1200-km-long way home was as if it were only a hundred kilometers, she was good and adaptable, the Hendrickx family had already done a lot for her training and socialization in the first 2 months. For seven years she was making us happy, the first in our grief and joy, always unconditional and devoted. With Eva, they passed some demanding exams. When Eva went somewhere, Koni was barely living, but almost fainted with joy when Eva returned. Koni was a blood donor for 5 years and she gave blood more than 30 times. She was stoic with the blood taking and all veterinary procedures, the only thing she wanted was Eva at her side.

It was December, just a few days before her 7th birthday, and we went on a trip; at 6 o'clock in the evening, when we left, she looked healthy, at 9 o'clock in the evening, when we reached Croatia, with a horror we noted a big mass on her shoulder and she was limping. We immediately returned home and in a few days we got terrible news from England from Dr. Paole Monti - Koni has histiocytic sarcoma and without treatment only a couple of weeks of life. The world has just collapsed. We seeked help from the best oncologists in the world, all of them were of the same opinion; prognosis for such aggressive histiocytic sarcoma is poor, very poor. But we did not give in. Our colleague, radiooncologist Dr. Jerome Benoit planned a very complex irradiation and the tumor, which was already in the lymph nodes in the front of the body and the thoracic cavity, has disappeared. With irradiation and chemotherapy we spent almost 8 additional months together and every day counted as gold. 14 days before she died she was no longer interested in food, nor did she take short walks. The last night she was suffering in silence and the next morning she left us with our help. It hurt us as bad as it can hurt when someone you deeply love and care for leaves you. We often think of her and talk about her.